Terachi Chirae was an elite assassin form Planet Minoshia in his youth and a prodigy from the highly respected Chirae Family.He

Background Edit

Son of the former warcheif who was the war advisor for the king.His father aspired to be lie the royal family and would do anything to get it.He commanded his sons to kill each other so only the best could go on and make the family's lineage "royal",however,Terachi put a stop to his father's ambitions and became king for a while and later warcheif when shiatean returned.


Terachi is a tall,slim figured man.He has onyx eyes, and jet-black hair that he wore in a slicked back manner in his youth and adulthood.His centre-parted bangs were worn framing his face in his youth but were later slicked back with the rest of his hair.He, like his sons, have small stern eyes and a slight tear-trough under them.He wears a high collored engineers jacket without sleeves and his casual clothes under it.


In his youth (12-19) he was a Elite Assassin who was trained to handle state-level affairs on behalf of his father.During this time he also become adept in engineering and would later bulid most of the advanced technology of minoshia.After the defeat of his father he temporarily become king of minoshia ,since no one else was there,and Warcheif (25-75) when Shiatean returned to his planet and become king.


In his families atempts to become "royal" they did linebreeding with the most prominent families of minoshia and as a result Terachi was born with unusually  high ability which is on par with those of the royal familty.

Physical AbilityEdit

Terachi possesses Elite-level physical abilities.This is demonstrated in his attacking speed which is ranked as the highest on the Elite Ranking System.Terachi is still able of using great strength when not using his speed being able to shake the ground when kicking enemies and running.

Terachi is also noted to possess great flexibility and agility,especially in his aerial combat.His abilities are extended into his dexterity with weapons.

Attack(5) Defence(5) Movement(5) Stamina(5) Strength(5)
4.5 4.25 4 3.5 4


Terachi had mastered 3 of the basic elements and all advancements and combinations of them.Despite being born with an Air affinity terachi's signature moves usually consist of fire-based attacks.Terachi is able to use all his affinities at once and in large amounts without tire.

Fire(5) Earth(5) Air(5) Water(5)
4.25 3.25 5 0


Terachi is seen readily able to use 3 modes and yin and yang abilities.

Transformations(10) Modes(10) Yin(10) Yang(10)
0 9 4 4


Physical(25) Elemental(20) Spiritual(40) Specialty Final Rating(100) Grade
20.25 12.5 27 Regainer(10)/Fighting Style(5) 74.75 B

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