Primons are the inhabitants of the planet Neo Prime.Their home planet is the target of the "INVADERS" in their hopes of conquering it.


Its name was inspired by Kaevus' transformation in which he changes into a Primate.



An over-all humanoid race with the exception of an occasional tail in those from the Royal-class.

Physical Prowess

Primons are shown to have the potential for any area bt focus mainly on balancing skills and not specialising.


Primons are seen to be the base of all hybrids seen.



Primons are seen to prefer constant attacking in their fights until it ends


Defending is trained as the secondary skill if it is not even with the attacking skill.The defending shown by the royal family is so great that they do not need to guard in their fights and skill obtain little damage.


The primons skill in movement are usually average and balanced.


Strength is a primary part of a primons training

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