Minoshians are a famed race the Aldebara Galaxy.The Race's Home planet is near its end and as such The King and Warcheif decided to Find a more Suitable Planet to sustain there race.


The Entire race was named after the first king of planet, King Minoshia I.Whose name was made to be apart of shiatean's name who was the first character of the minoshians to be created.



The Minoshians are a race that since ancient time (4000 years ago) have been known to be a highly powerful fighting\Advanced race having had militia and society that is compared to current time periods on other planets.

Minoshian-Bitamorsin Alliance

The minoshians had made an alliance with the Bitamorsins approximately 500 years before the start of the series.In this alliance King Minoshia I used the bitamorsins forces to attack planets which may have been suitable to live on and in return the bitamorsins would be supplied with advanced technology and 25% of the conquered planet.However the alliance eventually was broken up when King Minoshian IV died and since the bitamorsins were unable to conquer any planets the Warcheif disbanded them.



Minoshians are outwardly humanoid .They are seen to be slightly more muscularly built and taller than other races.They are the only race seen with natural two coloured hair with the primary colour being predominantly deep black although they are seen with more recessive colours such as red,blond,brown and less commonly blue and green.From the males of the species seen it is shown that facial hair is uncommon even amoung the older males.

Physical Prowess

Minoshians are seen to have exceptional physical strength and speed.They are able to keep their fitness even after years of being inactive and so their physical skill from a young age never drop.The minoshians also have a de-accelerated age cycle most keeping their teen appearance late into life (from 19 to 150).Their skins and bones are very dense as some of the stronger members of the race are seen to be able to avoid piercing of the skin by even the most sharp swords.


Being physiologically similar to the primon race , minoshians and primons are capable of interbreeding.Despite the Minoshians being Physiologically superior to the Primons the Hybrid children take most of there physical traits from their Primon parents.


The Minoshians being a physical race have an incredible fighting ability, this mixed with their high lifeforce made them even more formidable foes.


Even though they are adept in many fighting styles the minoshians dont really focus on attacking but those that do are ranked high on the Elite Ranking System.They are able to easily break bones and knock out other races easily.


Most of the minoshians are seen to be better in defending abilities shown in when they are easily able to stop strong and fast attacks from those who specialise in attacking.This with their tough skin and dense bone make it seem like they are undefeatable by people who are not experienced fighters.


They are seen to have high levels of balance and agility which slightly lower levels of speed.


The trained minoshians are shown to be able to easily lift 10x their body weight.


They are seen to be able to heal most wounds while in battle and are able to fight longer.

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